Custom Forms

Create request templates for users to fill in information quickly while raising new requests. You can rapidly create custom forms by just dragging and dropping fields and specifying if they are text, numeric or date/time fields. Add up to 24 text fields and 8 numeric/date time fields. Move fields up and down, left and right and choose the exact place where it should appear. Set properties to define if the field is mandatory and if the requester can set or only view.

Control Views and Access

Control and present different views to requesters and technicians. Have fine grained control options to view and edit field based on role. Improve request forms by providing previews to requesters and technicians. Manage the different forms by adding, editing and re tiring request forms.

Task Template

Your technicians would have to repeat the same task for different users at different times. With the Task Template, you can now pre define these repeated tasks and save time on creating and assigning tasks to technicians. Task templates can be used while adding tasks on a request, problem or change.

Resolution Template

You can now create resolution templates to handle requests that require the same solution. Certain standard resolutions like that of printer configuration, user creation, etc. can be handled by creating Resolution Templates instead of technicians having to type over the solution each time.

Email Reply Template

While replying to requests, technicians tend to type the same response repeatedly to quite a few requests of the same type. With Reply Template, Admin can create templates that can be used by technicians to send responses thus saving time and effort. Admin can create each template with a unique name with configurable subject and content. The templates are displayed as a list for technicians to choose in the 'Reply' page.


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